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Improve inclusive development & learning equity

Created about 45 years ago by Erno Rubik, the cube exemplifies the life in a box.

This was first used to teach solving spatial problems.

With 43 quintillion possible positions, it can be solved using any of the many variations.

There are many benefits of this wonderful tool:

  1. Feeling of accomplishment

  2. Improves memory

  3. Improves reflexes

    • Hand-eye coordination

    • Dexterity and agility

  4. Improves problem-solving

  5. Improves patience

  6. Improves concentration and configuration

    • Cognitive mapping skills. 

  7. Can break mild addictions

  8. Keeps boredom at bay

9. Determination and focus

Challenge: Our Programs
Teacher and Young Student


Increase the reach and support the noble cause 

in partnership with Yoga Sangeeta, a charitable President’s Vol., (501 C(3)) organization, head quartered in New Jersey, C4C conducts global speed-cubing competitions to a limited participants.
The registration fee and all other proceeds will be matched to donate to institutes of differently abled children.



Learning through Exploration


The second global competition is open between 5th Mar - 12th Mar 2022.

You can Register for the competition below to receive the guidelines.

The winners will be announced by 17th March 2022.

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